Museums of Excellence

What are museums of excellence? There are certainly many answers to this question. My answer is this one: museums of excellence enable its visitors to experience something that they can relate to. To me museums of excellence are those types of museums that are aware of the fact that its collections consist of all kinds of objects that have helped people find their way through life. Museums of excellence understand how deep the correspondence between objects and the development of mankind is. Museums of excellence trust in the emotional power of objects and leave space for the visitor to attach to them with his own experience.

Like in the fairy tale of Hänsel und Gretel by the Brethren Grimm, where the stones that they dropped led them back to their house, the museum of excellence displays traces that lead us back to ourselves, that lead us to cherish life as a gift we should respect. Museums of excellence are museums that touch us and give us the sensation we had, when we first touched and handled an object that we chose to trust.

In its code of ethics ICOM underlines the commitment of our profession to the universal care for objects of cultural heritage. Museums play an important part in preserving our culture in all its diverse manifestations. In the future, though, I believe, museums will focus much more on the subjective meaning of objects and understand how important they are for the construction of each individual’s identity. In its new permanent exhibition “99 x Neukoelln” the  Museum Neukoelln in Berlin is focussing on objects that are meant to touch people and build a bridge to their emotions. Come on and see, if it works.


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